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some of my favorite flies and how to tie them

The Ultra Emerger


Hook:  16 to 22, Dry Fly Hook with a bend placed 1/3rd hook shank back from the eye.

Abdomen: Two Pieces of Small or Brassie Ultra Wire, two colors, one light, one dark.

Thread:  Best match to natural

Wing Post: Antron Yarn: Dun, White or High Vis Red

Thorax: Extra fine dubbing to match the lighter colored wire.

Hackle:  Grizzly Dun tied parachute style  success


Step One

            Using a fine point set of needle nose pliers, place a 30 to 40 degree downward bend in the hook shank, about 1/3rd hook shank back from the eye.  Place hook in vice with the long end or hook bend end of the shank parallel to the table/bench.  OR you can use a Klinkhammer style hook to save some time.


Step Two

            Cut two pieces (one of each color) of colored wire about 3” to 4” long.  Wrap both pieces together, keeping them parallel, as you would a brassie. Don’t allow the wires to twist around each other, keep them parallel as you wrap.  If the wraps become spread out, push them together to tighten up the fly.  Wrap from the hook bend to the bend added to the hook.  Trim off the ends of the wire and secure with a small drop of thin super glue.


Step Three

            Remove the hook and place it back in the vice with the front or small end of the shank parallel with the table/bench.  Attach your tying thread and tie in your wing/post material in the center of this short shank area.  I tie in the antron\darlon yarn by folding it up and around the shank, then securing it with a figure 8 thread wrap. Create a post as you would any parachute pattern. 


Step Four

            Lightly dub the back part of the short shank with a fine dubbing that’s match’s the lighter colored wire. Next attach your hackle and wrap parachute style, with only three or four turns, and secure.  Dub the rest of the thorax.  Form a small head and finish with a whip finish and cement.  When tying size 20 and smaller, use a thread color to match the natural and don’t dub.  This keeps the thorax in proportion.

Ultra Midge

Ultra Midge Emerger

Ultra Emerger BWO

Ultra Emerger PMD

Ultra Emerger Adams Hi-Vis

Ultra Soft Hackle

Ultra Stone Nymph

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