If you are looking to build a fly rod, here is a list of components you will need. 

Components for Building your fly rod

The Blank

Reek seat


Guide Set to include Striping Guide and Tip Top

Epoxy Finish

5 Minute epoxy for reel seat, grip and tip top (We will be doing this in the first session and will be provided)


Guide Spacing chart (this can most often be found on the blank manufactures website)

Rod Sock and Tube

Fighting Butt (if needed)

Winding Check (optional)

Cork sealant (optional)

Hook Keeper (optional)


Tools for building you fly rod

Wrapping stand

Tension Device (These can be rented from the instructor)

Good Scissors (Fly Tying scissors are a good option)

Masking tape

Tape Measure


Sand Paper

Rat tail File

Razor Blades

Tapered reamers

A fine triangle or flat file ( Dremal tool can be very helpful)

Disposable cups (for mixing epoxy, the kind you ketchup in at the burger place)

Fly Tying Bobbin Threader (The Griffin type with the plastic ball on the end)

Paper towels

A small amount of M.E.K solvent for epoxy clean up (warning use in a well ventilated area)

Companies that offer rod building kits and materials

SaraBella Fishing Company   https://www.sarabellafishing.com/

Hook and Hackle   http://www.hookhack.com/html/rodbuldingkits.html

Mud Hole  https://www.mudhole.com/

Custom Fly Rod Crafters http://www.flyrodcrafters.com/

Proof Fly Fishing  https://www.proofflyfishing.com/

Anglers Workshop      http://www.anglersworkshop.com/