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 Cost and Rates

Please Note Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic BCFFC will not be conducting any guided trips or classes this year.

I had been a fly fishing guide on the Front Range for 11 years (1995 to 2006) and greatly enjoyed every trip I did.  Always my favorite time was the time spent with the novice or beginner fly angler. These days that is still my passion and the focus of Bear Creek Flyfishing Company.  On that note I don't offer guided trips, but one on one instruction sessions, sort of a fly fishing tutor.  These classes are design to give you a good foundation in basic flyfishing skills.  For more intermediate or advanced levels of instruction, I invite you to visit one of the great fly shops we have here in the Denver Metro, area.  Many of our local fly shops have excellent intermediate and advanced classes throughout the year, I would be more than happy to help you find one that meets your needs. Hopefully I have something that will help you, the novice get going in this wonderful sport. Cast me a line and let's what I can do for you.

One on one Basic Skills Class (Not Available )

This class is designed as a one on one beginning fly fishing class.  It takes what the novice angler has learned from friends, reading books, watching vids or at a group clinic and reapplies it one on one.  All the basics will covered or specific questions if needed. This is an educational class, not a guide trip and a good portion of the time will be spent showing technique or process.  Subjects covered will be setting up the fly rod, casting, reading water, knots, a simple introduction in to entomology, basic nymphing techniques, basic dry fly techniques, needs of the fish and more.  The student will be provided with the use of a fly rod outfit (rod, line and reel)if needed.  Materials for instruction (printed handouts, line learning knots, etc), a list of referrals for advanced education from local fly shops, will be provided.   The location of the class will be determined at the time of appointment.  

Half Day 1 on 1...................................  $100.00 per student

Fly Tying Intermedate Skills Class (Not Available)

This class is designed for the small group or club (4 to 6 students) that would like to take the next step in tying flies.  More advanced skills will be taught and new materials introduced.  Student will need to provide their own vices and tools.  Subjects covered will include parachute patterns, foam and epoxies.  

4 hour Intermedate Fly Tying Class ...................................  $25.00 per student

Build you own Graphite Fly Rod (Not Available At This Time)

They say that there is nothing better than catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself, except catching a fish on a fly you tied on a rod you built.  In this three part class, you learn the steps to assemble you own fly rod.  The instructor will provide training materials and some tools.  Student are required to have all components for their rod prior to class starting.  Component and materials list can be fould here.  Limited to 4 students

Rod Building Class ................................................ $50.00 per student

Fly Cast Coaching (Not Available at this Time)

Are you trying to teach yourself the basic cast, or has a friend (with your best interest at heart) been trying to teach you but it just doesn't seem to work right.  Let's get together for a 1 hour session to evaluate your cast and get you throwing those loops with more effectiveness. I will provide you with a set of "drills" to practice, and video feedback that will get you casting well in no time.


1 Hour Fly Casting Class..................................$50.00

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