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I have been fly fishing for almost 50 years, and been in the fly fishing industry for almost 20 as a guide and instructor. Let's get together to see how I can help you improve your day on the water.  That may be at a free class where I work, a private lesson, or a recommened lesson at a local fly shop.  This is a sport where you will continue to learn new techniques and skill that will make you better,  even I continue to learn new aspects of the sport, that I love to pass on to student and fellow anglers.

Fly Fishing Education
Fly Fishing Education

Have you taken a introductory fly fishing clinic with a club or store and would like to get some one on one to help understand it better? Or has a friend tried to teach you fly fishing, or tried to teach yourself, but just didn't have the background or answers needed to get to the next level.

I offer half day, one on one or one on two lessons, to help you get going in this great sport.  I believe in teaching building block basics with hand's on experience.  These lesson are for those that have already looked in to the sport.  


I also offer a class on how to build your own graphite fly rod.  This class is three nights long and you must have all materials for you rod when it starts.

Fly Fishing Education

I'm been doing this fly fishing thing for some time.  I have an insight to just about every major brand of equipment and am always reserching and learn about the latest products available.  I can assist you with selecting the best equipment for your budget and the waters you will be most often be fishing.  Also I have had the opportunity to fish in many locations here in the states and beyond and can advise you on travel and equipment needs

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