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here are some insights on fly tying, some of my favorite patterns and how to tie them

The PPL (Pat's ParaLoop) - Green Drake 

(NOTE you need a wing gallows to construct this pattern, see tools and toys below )


I love the way this fly floats in the surface film. It sits nice and low, but has a great profile that is easy to see and to me has a very natural look to it. If you ever have the opportunity to fish the Green Drake hatch on the Big Wood in Idaho, be sure to have lots of these with you.  This is a Para-Loop style fly (sometimes called "Stacked Hackle"), so you will need to use some sort of gallows device to help (at least it is easier for me that way).  I have used this pattern everywhere in Colorado with good results and is my go to dry fly on the "Pan".  I have also use with success in many other locations accross the western states.

The Half Hackle      A Super Easy, Four Step Mayfly Pattern


This fly is about the easiest Mayfly pattern I know.  It was shown to me by one of my early fly fishing mentors, my Uncle Dick Miller, about 48 years ago.  It can be tied in a varity of colors to match what you need,  Blue Wing Olives, PMD, Adams, so on.  There really only four steps to tying this pattern.  A dozen of these can be tied in about a half hour.   It has a Comparadun appearance and sits low in the water, not a fast water fly.  It is one of those simple but works flies.  Thank's Uncle Dick.

The Ultra Emerger


The Ultra Emerger was pattern I developed back in 2002 to give me a small Mayfly Emerger that would sit in the surface film just right.  This pattern is one of four I came up with when Waspi introduced me to Ultra Wire at the Fly Fishing Trade Show in Denver in 2001.  It uses two colors of Ultra Wire to create a segmented body.  The Pattern has appeared in Tony Lolli's book "Go To Flies", in 2004.  I have used this pattern with great success over the years at locations like, Decker's Colorado, Silver Creek Idaho and Oregon's Metolius River.

Tools and Toys


Using good tools and materials, simply makes better flies.  On this page I have put  some helpful tips on tools and materials to help you keeps things simple but effective.

Simple Tying Techniques 


On this page I have put in some real basic tying skill videos to help you get started tying flies that look as good and will catch fish for you.

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