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Please Note Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic BCFFC will not be conducting any guided trips this year.


We are a fly fishing education, consulting and information sharing company, dedicated to helping the novice fly angler learn the sport of fly fishing.  We offer classes and information for expanding the novices skill level, planning trips, or purchasing equipment  


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“I fished with Pat a few years back and had a great time. He was professional, attentive to what was going on, and well prepared. I value that in a guide. When I get back out West, I plan on doing it again. One of the most enjoyable trips I have had."                                                    Glenn Allgood, Knoxville, TN

“Pat is Awesome! He made the whole fly fishing experience fun, educational and something we talked about for a long time! I have and continue to recommend him every chance I get."

                     Kevin Freadhoff, Conifer, CO


"Hey Pat, thanks for taking the time to teach me the DH(Double Haul).  Your guidance has given me hope and I can't wait to return to Tulsa and bust out my TFO BVK and start practicing.  I wasn't sure how I was going to even start grasping the technique but you made it very understandable." 
                                  Jim Koscielniak, Tulsa, OK

Alan and I wanted to thank you for the great private lesson package "One on One Basic Skills Class" we participated in this past Saturday. It put into action everything we had attempted to learn from reading, attending classes, and searching on the web in an effort start our education on the sport of Fly Fishing. Putting boots on the ground and comparing what we found in our seine net with the nymphs/flies in our fly boxes was invaluable. Locating the seams, riffles, runs and pools is easier to grasp when you are out in the field. Money well spent. Thank

you.   John Sbarbaro and Alan Harvey, Colorado


Pat's 1 on 1 class is worth every single penny. Prior to this, we had only been fly fishing a handful of times in Colorado and figured out how challenging it can be. We needed some expert advice and tips on how to become more successful in fly fishing. We rendezvoused at a nearby location and we both arrived early and proceeded to drive out to the river. Before we even began to fish, we learned the most important part: where and how to find the fish! Pat took his time to thoroughly show and teach us about every aspect of the river and how fish manipulate their surroundings in order to survive. After really getting a solid feel and understanding of the river habitat, we began to put together our fishing rods and choose flies that were specific to the current feeding conditions of the fish (which was all covered when we went down to the river initially). My rod was broken, but no problem, Pat of course had a spare! Again, Pat went into great detail explaining how to set up the rod, especially when using different types of flies. We made our way to the river and Pat was a fantastic and patient guide showing different casting techniques and how to control the fly in the water. My husband and I both ended up catching fish and we were thrilled to have experienced such success with Pat's support. Pat is professional, patient and trustworthy. We were fortunate to have connected with Pat and look forward to future trips with him.   Ricardo Betherns and Courtney Collins, Colorado




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